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We believe that through decoration a message can be sent.”

Our Collection

Nieta Atelier’s innovation skills reside in Nieta’s enormous expertise and creativity.

Sustained by the desire to create and reinterpret trends through the use or reuse of raw materials considered waste in different sectors, specifically in textiles, but never excluding so many others that together bring immense potential.

Nieta da Ponte Rocha is a certified artisan by Centro Regional de Apoio ao Artesanato, having a deep knowledge of the technical aspects and the ability to define the best structures and production methods to leverage the different fibers, yarns and fabrics in products of exclusive design, using motifs, styles and dynamic patterns that cherish different trends.

This “Simple Powerful Feel Azores” collection is inspired by the meadows that can be seen along the landscapes of the nine islands of the Azores and how the landscapes intertwine with culture and traditions.

It is also inspired by various Azorean distinct products such as pineapple or tea that reflect the region’s productive wealth. Products with unmistakable colors and smells that lead us on a sensory journey…

The collection seeks to integrate the growing concern of social and economic environmental sustainability, reinterpreting and using different raw materials from different sectors which generally result from the main productive activities of the Azores.

It aims to enrich the concept desired by our customers in the decoration of their homes, hotels, shops or restaurants.

The products in this collection create unique and differentiated environments that convey the social and environmental awareness so necessary today.

Waste can be sophisticated, when given proper attention.

“Simple and powerful feel Azores.”

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